At Opaque Tinting and Graphics we offer  Automotive, Residential, and Commercial window tinting.  We use ASWF Films for all of our tinting projects which feature 99% U/V rejection, an ultra durable hard coat, and they're manufactured in the latest state of the art facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. And, have a factory backed warranty.

Automotive Tinting

With the automotive films you can count on:

  • Solar protection to keep you cooler and balance hot and cool spots from front to back ensuring a more comfortable climate for all passengers
  • Maximum Ultraviolet radiation rejection to help protect your family from harmful UVA and UVB skin damage
  • Maximum UV rejection also protects your luxurious interior from fading of fabrics, damage and drying of leathers, and deterioration of wood or plastic accents.
  • Wide variety of choices in color and visual light to improve the appearance of your car or truck, keeping you in style.
  • Manufacturers’ Lifetime ‘no hassle’, no color change warranty allows piece of mind for worry free driving for years to come.

Residential / Commercial Tinting

With the architectural films you can count on:

  • reducing the solar energy by up to 84%, reducing cooling cost in the summer while acting as a glazing insulator in the winter.
  • stabilizing seasonal temperature fluctuations and leveling out hot and cold spots throughout the building creating a more comfortable interior climate for all tenants or employees.
  • improving exterior appearance with a variety of color choices and visible light transmissions to accommodate a multitude of needs by any given building, increasing the property curb appeal and value.
  • reducing glare on computer screens and digital conferencing equipment, reducing eye discomfort that can be damaging and lead to headaches and other maladies for employees.
  • protecting fabrics, furnishings and artwork from UV damage by reducing the Ultraviolet radiation exposure to less than 1%
  • creating interior and exterior privacy where needed with a variety of films designed specifically for those seeking privacy for tenants, patients or employees.

Tint Levels

We are able to offer many different levels of tint


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